Travel and tourism are amongst the world’s largest industries. As such they have the potential to alleviate poverty, hunger and environmental damage as well as promoting diversity as a positive force in the world. Serra Verde is in the Atlantic Rainforest – one of the world’s richest but most threatened biomes; only 8% of this rich habitat now remains!


As part of the Travel & Tourism industry we take this responsibility seriously. We aim to be become self-sufficient in energy production and organic food by 2025. We are experimenting in building with recycled materials such as vehicle tyres and plastic bottles and have ongoing solar and hydro power projects in place. We are developing our own rainwater harvesting and filtration system.


Sustainable Travel International promote responsible travel. They support sustainable development and help travellers and travel providers protect the cultures and environments they visit. Get involved with their 10 Million Better project.



Travellers Against Plastic goal is to get travellers to think about cleaning their own water whilst travelling, thus avoiding the disposal of billions of plastic water bottles around the world each year. Get involved by taking the pledge.



The International Ecotourism Club promotes social & ecological change through and within tourism.




Member of It’s a Green Green World group of eco friendly green hotels.




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