Superagui National Park

Superagui National Park

The Parque Nacional do Superagui was created in 1989 with a land area of 33,998 hectares from the Valley of the Rio dos Patos on the mainland to the islands of Superagui, Das Peças, Pinheiro and Pinheirinho. Much of the sea life here is also protected within the park. The mangroves, sand banks, empty beaches and ecological trails help to preserve many endangered species and marine life. Plant species like jacarandas, ipês, figs, orchids, caxetas, jerivá, palm trees, guapés and guanandis are found in abundance.


Some extremely rare animals like the endangered papagaio-da-cara-roxa (purple faced parrot) and mico-leao-da-cara-preta (black-faced lion tamarin) find shelter along the more remote eastern reaches. Caiman, monkeys, deer and wild pigs are all common here. Migratory birds like the blowtorch also depend on this ecosystem to survive the cold.






Morato Falls Nature Reserve


The Morato Falls Natural Reserve stretches across 2340 hectares. The reserve has an exhibition of the Atlantic Forest, a gift shop and a research centre. Just 2% of the entire land area is marked and signposted, and the rest of it is largely inaccessible. The whole park is open from December to March and in the low season some parts of the visitors centre might be closed.


The name Morato comes from the name of the 130m Morato Falls. The reservation is just 20 km from the centre of Guaraqueçaba. You will have to take the PR 405 road. The reserve is open between 8.30 am and 5.30 pm from Tuesday to Sunday and is closed on Mondays.


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